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紅藜・薑花 - 水潤植萃純露

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紅藜・薑花 - 水潤植萃純露

Fantasy Nature 凡蒂絲內翠兒 - 蒔華堂 【紅藜 .薑花】水潤植萃純露.jpg

Fantasy Nature 凡蒂絲內翠兒 - 蒔華堂 【紅藜、薑花】

Fantasy Nature 凡蒂絲內翠兒 - 蒔華堂【紅藜 .薑花】-1


精心萃鍊 / 紅藜精萃 / 美的純粹


原生植萃系列 >【紅藜 。薑花】

普萊以本土(Nation)、自然(Natrual)、營養(Nutrition) 3N理念,開發一系列以台灣特有種紅藜及野薑花植萃為基礎的保養品,開發之初研發團隊走訪全台在一次參與南台灣排灣族原民祭神慶典中發現一種五彩繽紛的穀物,是當地的天然膳食、活力的來源。

團隊驚覺美麗可以由內而外,選定它最具抗老與滋養成分與當地野薑花,搭配其他草本植物精華,以獨家配方及創新的技術開發出原生植萃【紅藜 .薑花】系列產品,讓肌膚無負擔地由內而外吸收天然營養,達到水嫩、煥膚、晶亮、逆齡的奇肌。



【紅藜 。薑花】水潤植萃純露


紅藜 .薑花 植萃純露質地可以提供密集保濕效果,軟化角質層;尤其添加蘆薈及海茴萃取更是可以有效舒緩鎮定、加強後續保養品吸收。



【赤キノア 。 ジンジャーリリー】保湿&アンチエイジングトナー

ハイドロラットのトナーは、皮膚表皮を柔らかくするために集中的な保湿効果を提供します。 特にアロエとシーフェンネルエキスを加えて肌をなめらかにし、フォローアップスキンケア製品の吸収を強化します。



Pulai Moisturizing & Anti – AgingToner
Hydrolat toner provides intensive moisturizing effect to soften skin cuticle ; especially add with Aloe and sea fennel extracts to soothe and calm the skin, strengthen the absorption of follow-up skin care products.

Chenopodium formosanum extract is an innovative beauty anti-aging and maintenance material and its main function is as follows:

•Anti-aging/anti-collagen saccharification

•Promote collagen nascent

•Resistance to UV damage

•Prevent free radical formation

•Strengthen retention mechanism of skin's water 


DI Water,Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate,Allantoin,D-Panthenol,Trehalose,1,3-Butylene Glycol,Sodium Hyaluronate,Ginger Lily Extract,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,Coceth-7 (and) PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether (and) PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Chlorphenesin,Methylparaben,Chenopodium Formosanum Extract,Crithmum Maritimum Extract,Fragrance

How to use:
Gently pat onto the cleansed skin of the face with the fingertips or sponge
The storage way: keep away from high temperature and sunlight

Matters needing attention:

*Avoid contact with eyes. Immediately flush with water in case of eye contact.

*In case of any discomfort after using the product, please immediately stop using and seek medical attention. 

Manufacture date: Printed on the box

Validity: 2 years


Manufactured By:Shi Hua Tang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Original factory Address:No.5 Daxing 11th Street .,Taiping Dist.,Taichung City , Taiwan

General agent:Funmay International Co.,Ltd.

Dealer:Fantasy Nature 凡蒂絲 內翠兒 CO. LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Original factory Address:3F., No.5 Daxing 11th Street .,Taiping Dist.,Taichung City , Taiwan

Digital Fax:fantasynature@print.epsonconnect.co

Website :https://www.fantasynature-taiwan.com

E-mail:fantasynature@60c.win Made in Taiwan


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